Khirbet Al Mard to Tal Al Qamar

The walk begins from Khirbet Al Mard which is also called Hyrcania in Greek and pass by Mar Saba Monastery reaching Tal Al Qamar Bedouin camp in the end.

Khirbet Al-Mird was an ancient fortress, and the site is located on an isolated hill about 200 meters above the Hyrcania valley. Not long after the beginning, you will climb the first mountain which overlooked Jericho from its top. The view from up is amazing indeed, where the local guide will explain to you about the place and show you some wells and caves which traces back to BC periods. The path is mostly rocky and steep, and there are a lot of zigzags to walk.
After resting for some time at one spot along the path and having snacks and water to refill the energy, you continue hiking towards Mar Saba monastery. Mar Saba is among the most ancient and wondrous desert monasteries in the Holy Land. Women have not been allowed into Mar Saba for 15 centuries, and will have to admire the monastery from afar – over its exterior walls.

You descend down the valley and then up to the monastery and have some rest to enjoy the views and atmosphere.

Afterwards, you walk all the way to Tal Al-Qamar, where the path was mostly mountains and canyons. Reaching the end of the hike, you will rest up the mountain in a local tent where you will try the delicious lunch and desserts with the local family of the tent over there.

Walking Distance: Approximately 12 km
Walking Time: Approximately 4 – 5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate


  • Lightweight walking boots
  • Walking poles
  • At least 3 – 4 liters of water and snacks for the hike
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • Your camera


  1. Khirbet Al Mard Grotto
  2. Tal Al-Qamar Guest-House

Note: This hike is not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo or afraid of heights.

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